Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, everyone isn’t losing weight because they look overweight. Some people just know that they are unhealthy. I desire good health more than an addiction to food.

There are people that have convinced themselves that they absolutely love who and what they see in the mirror, despite the discomfort and uneasiness with wearing certain types of clothing in public.

The world will keep telling you to love yourself the way that you are, and that you demand others to love you that way or leave you alone. I can love you and hate your unhealthy choices simultaneously. Companies will add as many Xs to your clothing as you will pay for. Your health is of no concern to them.

Start the journey of living a healthy lifestyle and you will instantly start losing weight. I love you, and I don’t have to know you to do so. You’re a human!


I don’t sell fish, but I do scrape scales from eyes wide and dilated to see an anomaly.

Not only me, but could it be that I am the only one that you choose to see?

A sixth sense that proves that you view life from a dead place unaware.

A certain godlessness stored on shelves where large print Bibles collect dust

Forcing my distrust upon you but in God I do

I bid you ado

Until alkaline aligns the mind

So that empathy flows like rivers of living water

So no, I don’t sell fish, but I do scrape scales from eyes wide

and dilated to blind one’s vision of the future.

I am not selfish; and I am not an anomaly.

My kind prioritizes our families.