Beware the flight from tha hood

Fleeing from colorful neighbors,

On brooms

Wearing hoods

Made from sheets

that reek

from Southern Fried cotton coated in blackberry molasses

And will never change


Launching Pad

I am grateful for the safety that selected blogging communities provide. Three books later and a YouTube channel are reasons for me to reflect. Anxiety is the reason that I, along with the 3 Million new diagnosed cases per year, suffer in silence. I admonish you to take a moment to simply not give a crap about what spectators may say, and just live. One moment of living free will spark an addiction to it.

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Peace and Blessings!

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I was uprooted and asked why I hadn’t grown.
I replied, “I don’t know, maybe because I need to be sown.”
The irony of a withered soul
dimmed eyes
but able to realize
with real eyes
that the half has yet to be told
and the horizon holds
and holds
and holds
and pauses to then release and unfold
the blessing of being uprooted from toxic
and treacherous terrain
I wait for it to rain.

Had my eyes dilated,

but soon found myself frustrated

By the brightness of the light

And speeds too fast to even play catch up to

or process

It is far too bright for virgin eyes

That were programmed to only desire to know enough to work and retire

So I work

Yet retiring is not an option

Staying Up A Little Later

I am still up and it feels natural. It is 9:55pm and everyone is sleeping-my wife and three children. I have been entrusted by God to be a devout husband to the girl of my dreams, and a strong father to my children. I am well aware of where the gifts came from, as well as the fact that I am empowered by God to lead and provide for them. I do not believe that God sleeps, but staying up just long enough to make sure that the entire house is asleep brings me a joy that I take into myself and cherish.

Day 2 of 365 Days of Motivation

It’s only 2 Days in and I am already looking forward to conquering complacency! Some set out to read the Bible in a year, but soon get off track. I commit my life to motivating that person with anxiety that is a prisoner in their mind. My message is simple “Why sit there and die?!” The world needs your laugh, your smile, your style, your swag, your voice, your opinion, your intelligence, and your presence just to name a few. Make each minute count! See you at your top!