This is a rant and should be eaten like a hot piece of deep fried fish that has not been filleted. I have watched and attended as many forums as one could possibly visit. The ones that I have witnessed are usually filled with intellectuals that have studied human behavior, and based on studies are well capable of pinpointing the societal woes, and strategically fixing them. Well here is a call to the mat! As an educator I have been under constant attack for not being caring enough, racist, just to name a few. Parents and intellectuals take shots at entire systems which encompass a great number of caring individuals. The problem is that the complaints are misdirected.

There is a saying that it takes a village…………………………………………………………………. (pause for meditation)

When there are problems with villagers, then it is the responsibility of the village to confront the troubled little villagers. Schools all over this country are full of troubled little villagers that are not being confronted by the people of their village, who then become the responsibility of other villages.

If a child’s behavior is not confronted at home, then the parent is saying “I trust the government to raise my child.” Despite proof that Pre-K education will lower the dropout rate, the same system that parents are entrusting to intervene has responded in Alabama, by clearing $800 million dollars to build new prisons.

So I do not fault the system because the system will ultimately do what is necessary to thrive and stay alive. The fault is with the village. For every rally that pumps and primes people to do things other than mentor troubled youth, ultimately the pep in the rally diminishes. I personally know of four groups here in our city, where the men are at the schools on a regular basis, establishing relationships with, investing time into, and redirecting the misled youth.

The rallies are a great start, but after the rally is over, select one or two young women and/or men to pour time into.

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