I am an Alien.

I’m an A-Lean, an alien, posing as an earthling. –Kwesi Jackson. I am working on a song that is more of a confession to me being an alien. Don’t exit before hearing me out. One must be comfortable with their own quirks even at the cost of being considered odd.

I have taken quite a few personality tests and they are exciting. The idea that someone can study human behavior so much that we can all be placed into categories just by the way we answer questions. Here is where the alien like tendency in me comes to the surface, while answering the questions I am simultaneously asking myself about how accurate the survey can truly be if who I am is who I became through a series of events. I am also curious to know if reading the results causes me to exaggerate behavior that is listed. After becoming exhausted with all of the oddness of the thought patterns, I am sure that I am an alien. I am a happy dude but I am mentally the strangest most awkward piece of work that I know, and it is okay.

I read some of the yearbook comments from high school and literally laughed out loud. People said things that were extremely accurate of me. It seemed back then my thoughts and behavior were never aligned. W.E.B. DuBois said that in America African-Americans have to live with a double consciousness. When we leave our homes we become something that is more inviting and less threatening. I am multi-consciousness aka Mystique-esque. You know Mystique, one of the X-Men mutants that could morph into anyone, voice included. It sounds freakish, but quite a fascinating spectacle.

From a faith standpoint Christianity is definitely under fire due to the behavior or lack there of, of some of its followers. Within in the faith there are attempts to create some earthly image, as in a literal image of what a Christian looks like and talks like. Unfortunately needy individuals always seem to be the ones that always know what a Christian should and should not be doing, all the while not students or members of the religion. What I hold fast to is being beamed up from this current judgmental and materialistic world. In the words of Mork, “Na-nu, na-nu!”


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