Incident #2

The second incident was another soccer related one. It was senior year and we were riding on a van to a game in Villa Rica. During a ride we passed through an area with cotton fields on either side. One of my teammates leans over and says to me “I bet this brings back memories eh?” He was referring to the cotton fields-you know slavery. My response to him was “If I hit you in your eye will that bring back memories?” So he says he was playing, and I said me too. I was irritated to the point of fighting, but because I was not raised to respond to foolishness with aggression, I simply said what I felt and dropped it. I saw him some ten years later and realized that I had dropped it; however the memory never went away. We all went separate ways so I could not judge my feelings accurately until I actually saw him. As an adult I really believe that the young man was simply being silly. Again, we were not best friends, though we shared teams together.

He was not someone that I spent a lot of time with, but if there were a checklist of characteristics of a racist, he did not possess any of them, advanced student, two parent home, a little money (from what I could tell), and a really good teammate. I think he attempted to mimic relationships that I shared with other guys on the team. Regardless, this guy was my size, and lacked the killer instinct of where I was from.

I followed up with avoidance. I basically cancelled him from the list of potential friends.

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