Incident #3

My mother remarried and we moved out of South Rome before my senior year. Most of my friends were there so the connection was no different. To us it was like “moving on up” Jefferson’s style. For incident number three the setting was my other passion, One Act Play. Understand that certain movies require casting specific people. (i.e. ethnic, color, size, etc.) So I wanted the camaraderie more than an important role. Despite the size of your role our director would often stop a good run just to correct the smallest of errors. One night at rehearsal there were several of us D list actors, set developers and support, standing around backstage talking. The conversation goes something like this:

Guy A to group which included black, white, and Asian students: “I would date an Asian girl but not a black girl because Asians are closer to white.”

Me: “Are you serious?” “Why because the skin tone looks to be closer to white?”

Guy A: stuttering no response worth my memory.

The days that followed were him trying to be extremely nice to prove somehow that he was not a racist. He did not want to discuss it again, but cloak the error in kindness. At the time of the incident I thought the intellectual approach would at least expose Guy A’s ignorance, and it did. With the type of racial tension that existed in our city and surrounding cities, it was always easy to find a group of guys ready to fight about race just on another black person’s word. I was not raised that way, and as such gave him a pass that he will never really appreciate.

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