Parenting As We Go

As a child I would often talk about the freedoms that I would grant my children, the cars I would buy them, even the type of clothing that would fill their closets. Then somewhere along the way “hard times start spreading just like the flu.” (shout out to Run DMC) Many people buy into the idea that kids become spoiled by giving them anything that they want, and that it is impossible to raise respectful and appreciative children without withholding some things from them. Then why do we question, even walk away from God when something seems to be withheld from us? How often does God bear the blame for seemingly held up or unanswered prayers? When hard times hit, death, disease, calamity even, instead of vindication we never question the words that possibly set in motion these issues or words that went unchecked. The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Death, disease, and calamity all sound like the works of the thief. A small child loses their life at the hand of a drunk driver and some would believe that it was divine appointment so that some family members would stop fighting and come together. That sounds like an unnecessary sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice was made for sin, and after which, the word sacrifice was forever changed. Everything that Christ deserved, having known no sin, He gave to us. Everything that we deserved, punishment for sin, He took.

Most people say that they would die for people that they loved. Well Jesus actually did it. So the next time you are carrying some old school method of teaching a child to appreciate things, please remember how you want the Father to respond to you when you make request. Do you want the lesson or do you want what you ask for? Do you want punishment every time you make a mistake? Or do you need grace and mercy? Humans are fallible and can make major mistakes. The shame should be in carrying the mistake forward from generation to generation without checking it by God’s standard.


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