Chance Encounter

They say everyone has a twin in the world, someone that looks just like them. Had a guy follow me in PetSmart, and before I became frightened he let on that he thought I was Taye Diggs. But before I could bask in the spotlight the hoax of any advantage connected to a look alike surfaced. So I walked out of the store and into the mirror for this chance encounter with my twin a person that I am looking at, look like, but never seen. For the one that looks back at me looks like me but has to be coached daily to leave the house unafraid, forgets what he looks like when he steps away from the mirror, and takes more pleasure in complimenting others than himself. Look alike enough to do a double take  without stopping to stare, simply admiring what the future could hold but taking value in the chance encounter that left us hanging in abeyance.

Chance Encounter

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