I ran a marathon without much training,  finishing on will,  with thoughts of the medal and the 26.2 car magnet….. talking point too. And in the last quarter mile I wept in the most manly way for the  achievement,  in  disbelief of the distance and pain that it took for me to realize that I’m chasing through a distance that is infinite-dehydrated. The crippling cramps beyond stretching and intravenous replenishment left me Frozen with the inability to let it go because of the unhealthy thought process running through the IV. And despite the addictive factor,  the trigger to release a fix is in my hand.  Resolve, until the 5 year old in me recovers lost “attaboys” and “great jobs” Mr. Olympia with the physique remains unhealthy while in himself possesses the power to become healthy.

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