At the Grain of my existence..

At the grain of my existence is an atrocious knack for freezing under pressure or being too excessive once the frost passes. Christ the merciful has spared me on countless occasions, and used the same breath that brought me to life to heat me.

At the grain of my existence is an anxiety so real that it is like an invisible force, a little kid holding my leg while I try to walk, 225 pounds of weight on burnout day with not one to spot me, and it is impossible to explain.

Of the grains on earth there must be at least one that looks like me, talks like me, lives like me, understands me.



2 thoughts on “At the Grain of my existence..

  1. i think i am a grain to your grain, if not entirely, at least on a granular level. we are on the same train of thought, at least for these last few days.

    Your writing style is refreshing.

    You don’t need a shrink. You are art, art needs no explanation.


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