As a kid I thought of clouds as cotton, and that one could simply jump out of a plane and land softly into them. Images of small babies with wings, halo, and harps sitting on clouds while smiling are vivid. At that age those images were real. And now as I have grown older I still think of the perfection of clouds, their placement hanging in abeyance betwixt cycles, awaiting the change in temperature.

I often think as the cloud would think knowing well my role, my placement, my often temporary state of suspension. While that time is comforting, I am son of Issachar well aware of shifting before it happens. And regardless of where I shift to, the next state is only a movement within my element.



too small

I have examined my perception of God and found that it is far too small. It had become so bad that instead of studying, reading, cross referencing, I simply took people’s words for who He is, was and is to be. My theology was based on the absence of the miraculous. I held debates in my mind around the clock all based on a small perception of an enormous God.

God is so big that He actually empowered humanity with free will, then laid the resumes of the devil and Jesus on the desk for our choosing. The thief steals, kills, and destroys. Jesus gives life, in abundance, to the full, til it overflows.

With this revelation my perception along with my theology opened to see God as bigger and supreme. He simply wants us to take free will and entrust Him to guide us through life on this side of eternity and in eternity.


Our relationship with water is the paradigm of our relationship to the world. 50 to 75 percent of the human body is made up of water; it is good for you, yet the palate has to be adjusted to partake. A splash of lemon or some other citrus fruit is supposed to take the edge off of pure goodness. A little splash becomes an outpouring of sugar and flavor wrapped and cloaked in artificial. So our human palates are forced to call artificial normal.

Turn your radio on and prepare to have your palate pimped again with repetition, cloaked by a beat. The industry plays a tune that even church youth groups gravitate to and name their programs after (eg. “Whip for Jesus.”). There is a flow but the direction of this flow is altered by a meteor dropped amidst these waters. Will we continue with the flow? Or will we acknowledge the Rock amidst the madness?



I am looking for a career that requires the least amount of human interaction. 

I mean I rarely like interacting with myself because I cannot HOLD my own attention;

 I am a ghost buster. Get it? 

Too hot to handle to cold to hold? 

I figured the relevance of the lyrics would keep them from being considered old. 

See I just tried to hold my attention, 

had every intention 

to discuss interacting with people’s people.

People’s people would be the personalities 

that speak for and are their current realities.

The energy that it takes to please 15 people at one time,

with only one standing in front of you and 14 in their mind.

I am perplexed to think that their are drugs that can silence those voices.

Less wins more losses,

void of real choices.

So I have freed myself of being considered selfish of self-centered,

because the flashing title “Humans” should have spoken volumes of potential words to be rendered.

Woodstock doesn’t sound too bad right about now.

Excuse Me

Excuse me if I do not respond in what one would consider ample time.
Excuse me if I pause after each sentence so as to not speak in the moment, yet regret in the later.
Excuse me if I avoid rides on bandwagons in the moment, yet regret in the later.
Excuse me if a appear to be the antagonist to movements that appear to be separatist at the substratum- separatist with no resolve.
Excuse me if my antiquated beliefs go further back than 1954, and gain more enjoyment from the forefathers that Did versus the innumerable symposiums in the current academicians.
Excuse me if I believe that for you to excuse me, would still not excuse me from the responsibility of doing something.


I will make tons of post on this subject because of its relevance. 1 John 4:18 says that perfect love casts out fear. Fear is not always dealing with horror movies, but horror is a life absent of experiencing agape love. Agape is love that is without conditions. Look past my appearance, preference, relationship with or without God, religion, and all predispositions. Have genuine concern for my well being because I have a soul, and because I am a human. Challenge!

urban denotes location

In this land of political correctness it is amazing how incorrect we can be. It is though a small group of oligarchs sit in a disclosed location and decides what is trendy. One such term is the word urban. It is amazing how much people must practice discussing urban locations with a scholarly vernacular, when in their minds the word “ghetto” is used behind close doors. We can agree that the term “city” carries a high level of ambiguity. While there are some things that people would expect to see in a city, with humans being such fickle and eclectic beings, one never knows what to expect.