I am at a strange place for the seat of creativity while overwhelmed and void of positive images is occupied by negative. And though my dream is of yellow Volkswagen vans my response to accidents including me are met with images of me reaching under the seat of said van to come back with a blasting response. I guess they could be referred to as blasts from the past since these are clearly issues in the substratum. The thin line between anger and sinning are often overstepped while determining how close the the edge I can get. Its like trying to determine how many shots it would take to get drunk and remain in God’s grace.


2 thoughts on “angry

  1. I like your concept, but had a hard time reading your submission due to the lack of punctuation and run on sentences. Maybe I am missing something. I love the final sentence!


  2. Thanks for the feedback. I usually respond to the daily post with the first thing that comes to my mind even if I am ranting. The run-ons are intentional and in this case a way to express anger. Thanks again!


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