I am looking for a career that requires the least amount of human interaction. 

I mean I rarely like interacting with myself because I cannot HOLD my own attention;

 I am a ghost buster. Get it? 

Too hot to handle to cold to hold? 

I figured the relevance of the lyrics would keep them from being considered old. 

See I just tried to hold my attention, 

had every intention 

to discuss interacting with people’s people.

People’s people would be the personalities 

that speak for and are their current realities.

The energy that it takes to please 15 people at one time,

with only one standing in front of you and 14 in their mind.

I am perplexed to think that their are drugs that can silence those voices.

Less wins more losses,

void of real choices.

So I have freed myself of being considered selfish of self-centered,

because the flashing title “Humans” should have spoken volumes of potential words to be rendered.

Woodstock doesn’t sound too bad right about now.


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