Our relationship with water is the paradigm of our relationship to the world. 50 to 75 percent of the human body is made up of water; it is good for you, yet the palate has to be adjusted to partake. A splash of lemon or some other citrus fruit is supposed to take the edge off of pure goodness. A little splash becomes an outpouring of sugar and flavor wrapped and cloaked in artificial. So our human palates are forced to call artificial normal.

Turn your radio on and prepare to have your palate pimped again with repetition, cloaked by a beat. The industry plays a tune that even church youth groups gravitate to and name their programs after (eg. “Whip for Jesus.”). There is a flow but the direction of this flow is altered by a meteor dropped amidst these waters. Will we continue with the flow? Or will we acknowledge the Rock amidst the madness?


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