Crisis is one of those terms that has been so misused that we don’t even wink at it today. There are actually more humans unplugged from the matrix than the obsession over SUVs will tell. The psychology ¬†used to woo consumers is well worth the billions invested in it, as well the return on the investment into fear.

The return on Y2K was enough to put someone into retirement immediately. The idea that the world would end in 2012 earned a moviemaker enough to retire- all because of the fear and idea of the word crisis.

A legitimate crisis is the subtle diminishing of the importance of literacy in America.

A legitimate crisis is the use of the first amendment to post barbaric fights, which someone gets rich off of.

A legitimate crisis is the growing disrespect for those called to prevent chaos in America.

A legitimate crisis is being so overwhelmed with the present state that the eternal appears to be far away as if viewing it through a rear view mirror.




Somehow I have successfully:
eluded success
eluded independence
eluded deadlines
eluded love
eluded joy
eluded temperance
eluded peace
eluded goodness
eluded longsuffering
eluded meekness
eluded gentleness
eluded faith.
It dawned on me that what I really eluded was the right perspective.



There is a depth seldom explored,
due to safety unclear.
The summoning from celestial position,
for action on the surface.
Covenant binds heavenly influence to work inner to outer.
The only limitation is one’s usability.


World Changer

This is the recitation that my students would do a few years back:

Every day that I am afforded the opportunity to be alive there is someone somewhere waiting on me to be one hundred percent me, every moment of every single day. I am unique. There has never been a person like me, nor will there ever be. I am a world changer.


Time is on my side because of the brightness of the future. I will not make haste, but instead bask in every moment of every single day. Regardless of time springing forward and falling back I am on track to an amazing life. The time is simply present to keep up with each fantastic event. I make a choice to make time work for me, and view time optimistically.



I am an educator. Let me just say that I am not limited to teaching in the classroom. I had maybe one professor in college that I felt adequately prepared me for the students and all of their challenges. However, none of them mentioned the warm reception by society (sarcasm). 

If you get a chance please research the “caste system in India.” Supposedly it no longer exists, but try telling that to the Untouchables. This group of people are deemed the outcasts of society and endure great man made barriers every single day. 

The teachers and priests under the caste system were at the top of the pyramid of important people in society. In exchange for money in such poor conditions, the educators receive a wealth of praise for their contributions, great status.

The greatest encouragement for the American educator comes from within the fraternity of educators. You see we have to encourage ourselves between the occasional Facebook posts, visits from past students, thank you cards from parents to name a few. Our society has a poor concept of the impact of educators. So much so that applying for other jobs outside of education is extremely challenging. People want to know what makes you want to quit teaching, but seemingly doubt the skills. We are viewed as Cain. Cain? No we didn’t murder anyone or make improper sacrifices, but we are viewed like Cain after he was marked.

Every problem that parents create at home and fail to reconcile before their child gets to school, we fix. When your daily hustle makes you late for pick-up, we entertain them. When you allow your child’s reading level to slip below average, you expect us to fix it. And when your child succeeds, the childcredits us, but parents grow taciturn. 

To the world I say our military provides the safety necessary for us to live with minimum threat. Soldiers, because of the discipline that we know they learn and perfect are often favored concerning employment because of their sacrifice. It is well earned and deserved. I would like to think that a teacher somewhere in the life of soldiers helped them along. The same favor and respect should be afforded educators. The fact that we both grow weary in our fight for respect is a sad scenario.

So should I ever have to feel as if we are Untouchable? 


I can see how people become skeptics of Christianity, if in fact their eyes are glued to the fallible disciples. People often get lost in the actions of the followers of Christ as if my behavior is the sum of who I am. Well we are actually tripartite, we are spirits that have souls both housed in a body. The years that we practice evil doings have to be undone through daily and frequent doses of the holy scriptures. So my actions are not me but a mere reflection of what I once practiced. To see me now, may not be to see me later.

There are challenges that if Christians are so much like Jesus then why don’t we heal the land and speak to storms. And while we are prompted to speak to storms Christians that are unaware blame God for the destruction of storms, as if the God that promised to give life, suddenly changes His mind and goes on killing sprees.

Dear friends I implore you to not bag me with the group that blames God for calamity, not takes people that you love away from you to teach you lessons. Please not that there are some beautiful souls carrying the ugly brand of hypocrite that really are not. And while these brands are considered ugly it is the same brand that Christ carried to the cross that I might call the storm to peace.



I am not making light of nightmares,
so please believe me when I say,
prayer before bed has worked to keep them away.

But if I could for a moment,
think of what a nightmare to me would be.
It would be to wake up to a world that no longer manufactured Good and Plenty.



Welcome to the other other side as viewed from a heavenly place. There’s this thing called technology that has robbed the souls of a large number of earth’s occupants. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

*Side effects include: loss of friends, family, spouse, health, sanity, independence, meekness, and possibly any transparency.

This is so much to give up for such a short stay on this side of eternity.


Dad with a gun

Fatherhood and husbandry have caused a shifting in personality for me, or an awakening. Growing up I was known for timidity, endured racial discrimination and stereotypes by simply smiling and waving. I was the shoulder to cry on for a lot of beautiful women without advising that they “drop their zeroes and get with this hero.” I was the guy bridging the gap between cultures that begged for both worlds to view the others as normal and equal.

Then it happened; I got married. I met the love my life and turned into Rambo with my wife in my ear declaring “Rambo, you no expendable!” The nice guy went on vacation and the protector took his place. I would begin holding my wife’s hand when crossing in parking lots; keeping my head on a swivel. I would try to guide her words in heated conversations with others to avoid playing out the visions that I had of me coming off the top rope like Jimmy Superfly Snuka.

That wasn’t all! My first child pushed the passive me further out of the galaxy- the birth of a visionary. Any cowardice that once took residence in me was evicted. It is one thing to appear soft in front of your spouse, but in front of a child? And with that I welcomed Nina into my home. It was through careful thought that I welcomed another woman into my house to live and help raise my family. She was simply insurance that my job would be done without anxiety of being inadequately equipped when there is a thump in the night. Nina is a nine millimeter without feelings or soul. I asked my wife who should go investigate if there is a loud crash in the night. Her response of course was,”you!” My response,”instead of looking for shoes and bats to hopefully hold an intruder off for the police, I will let Nina handle my light work; she won’t think about it.” I am not trigger happy, hotheaded, I am a Dad and a husband that has been awakened.