I can see how people become skeptics of Christianity, if in fact their eyes are glued to the fallible disciples. People often get lost in the actions of the followers of Christ as if my behavior is the sum of who I am. Well we are actually tripartite, we are spirits that have souls both housed in a body. The years that we practice evil doings have to be undone through daily and frequent doses of the holy scriptures. So my actions are not me but a mere reflection of what I once practiced. To see me now, may not be to see me later.

There are challenges that if Christians are so much like Jesus then why don’t we heal the land and speak to storms. And while we are prompted to speak to storms Christians that are unaware blame God for the destruction of storms, as if the God that promised to give life, suddenly changes His mind and goes on killing sprees.

Dear friends I implore you to not bag me with the group that blames God for calamity, not takes people that you love away from you to teach you lessons. Please not that there are some beautiful souls carrying the ugly brand of hypocrite that really are not. And while these brands are considered ugly it is the same brand that Christ carried to the cross that I might call the storm to peace.


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