I bear witness to the creator’s righteousness which I now am.
Traded places like eddie and Dan, and still soon to be a recipient of a 71 VW van.

I bear witness to the creator’s plans concerning me,
free of debates concerning how I got to be,
and the “How” “made it over” did we.

I bear witness to the creator’s patience that has been packaged and freely given.
I bear witness to perfection.

I bear witness to humanity the ungrateful,
so wrapped in the proclivity of skepticism birthed in institutions.

I bear witness to humanity the ungrateful,
such puppets, ever ready, and ever willing to discredit the
“How” “made it over” did we.

I bear witness to believers using free will to serve and present
the Christ of the Bible to the ungrateful sharing the opportunity
to be His equal.




Learning is an endless journey while by our senses we remain connected to the world. So we must stay tuned to what we see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. This puts a spin on saying “I sense _____________.” I sense that hatred will never end. Love prevails; however, hatred will always exist somewhere, even if somewhere is found along the tunnel dug from America to China.

I am learning how to consider people that offend me as having made a mistake. Before the offense happens I have prepped for reconciliation. I am learning to live freely.



There is something that must be intentional about unity.
Forgetting is an atrocity.
We celebrate independence with farmed meat pumped with enough antibiotics and steroids, that we give our independence back to the medical field for service.
With the freedom of the 50 comes industrialization so unreal that GDP based on population makes it more unreal for us to be at the top.
50 together= strong.
50 apart= weaker than Articles of Confederation with only one chamber of Congress, and no military funding.
50 must unite and multiply.



Being haunted is the equivalent to issues unresolved, of which I refuse to deal. The current practice for me is telling the truth in love, and when things are too hectic agree to part ways, bidding people Godspeed.

Unresolved is the equivalent to unholy and I am only possessed by Holy Spirit.
An intoxication that words could never be created to adequately describe.
An intoxication so real that I happily ask for forgiveness when I have wronged no one.

I am not haunted are walking in the unresolved, but I am led by the thing that is right about the atmosphere.

Fighting against what I believe is to fight against the thing that makes me consider violence barbaric. The very reason behind my “yes ma’am” and “yes sir!”

I speak the language of the Ghost that is Holy, and that language is love.



I love to listen to intellectual discourse about social woes. It is actually amusing to to hear the vernacular used to elude direct references to ethnic groups. It really is okay to reference ethic groups as long as the reference is not loaded with predispositions. It really isn’t the vernacular that is the most disturbing; it is the time after the symposiums that determine the true intelligence. Intelligent people research issues, discuss solutions, create a plan to fix the issues, and then execute.

I believe in mentoring wholeheartedly. I didn’t actually have a mentor as a young man, but as I got older started leaning on men that I looked up to to provide guidance. People can criticize behavior that they see and even blame it on the absence of a father. However, if the assumption is that there is the absence of a father, is the goal then to fill the empty space? There seem to be a great bit of resources being poured into buying stuff to hopefully purchase the child’s trust, with the ultimate goal being the child appreciating the effort, and then they magically bloom.

Buying stuff does not fix the problem. Children learn how to put on a smile in order to get what they want, but often show who they really are when faced with discipline. Kids need a listening ear, someone to provide guidance in every facet of life.

Once the symposium is over, microphones disconnected, the punch and finger foods consumed, the called, the chosen go mentor.


Confusion has an expiration date, and an indicator is the presence of light. If there is ever to be resolve in an argument light must find its way into the hearts, less the appearance of two fools be forever etched into the minds of the onlookers.



I am starting to rethink these horrible things people speak of Obsession. Just looking around and processing what makes that top 2% so different from me has me rethinking. It seems as though success eludes people that are allergic to obsession. I think I will call it something else, maybe even cloak it in hard work. There are a number of books in me, seem to keep eluding the paper, but consider this blogging thing a force to discipline.



Luxury is:

A kind response to a simple greeting like “Good Morning.”

Tipping more than 15%.

Holding the door for someone.

Listening without forming an opinion until the speaker is finished.

Complementing that which is beautiful.

An honest response.


As I scan and reread I appeal to everyone to take personal responsibility of moving these from luxury to common courtesy.


Hard Candy Christmas

Dolly Parton sang a hit that has me longing for Christmas music year round. So in honor of Dolly I add these lyrics from “Hard Candy Christmas:”

Hey, maybe I’ll dye my hair
Maybe I’ll move somewhere
Maybe I’ll get a car
Maybe I’ll drive so far
That I’ll lose track
Me, I’ll bounce right back
Maybe I’ll sleep real late

Thank You Dolly!

Maybe I’ll buy a van
Maybe I’ll start a band
Maybe I’ll strike it rich
Maybe I’ll find my niche



Paint this town Gray

Let’s paint this town gray in honor of compromise. There needs to be a compromise between both black and white especially since the debate of whether either is a hue still exist.

Let’s paint this world gray in honor of the total reconciliation between humanity that will never happen this side of eternity.

Paint it gray for every person hoping against hope.

gray for compromise.