I don’t like the idea of people using phones to record church bloopers. There I said it. The same way that photoshop is being used to superimpose people’s faces onto other bodies and to different places, these church videos are being used to make a mockery of church. I have witnessed synchronized shouting; remakes of popular hip hop and R&B songs, and people sound asleep, just to name a few. At no point was God ever glorified by the posting of these videos.

The church has taken something as powerful as praise and stamped a big question mark into the minds of nonbelievers as to how useful and powerful praise really is. We can preach of the impact of praise and speak of how necessary it is in the lives of people. The scriptures speak of God’s instructions to send Judah or praise out first before the word was to come forward. Then at a person’s most sincere moment of expression of adoration and praise towards God a distorted image is recorded unaware, and shared with the world for a good laugh.

Now is the time for the restoration of order and respect for what we deem to be sacred. If there is time to record a video and you are not on the video staff, you are probably neglecting God for a good video clip.


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