I love to listen to intellectual discourse about social woes. It is actually amusing to to hear the vernacular used to elude direct references to ethnic groups. It really is okay to reference ethic groups as long as the reference is not loaded with predispositions. It really isn’t the vernacular that is the most disturbing; it is the time after the symposiums that determine the true intelligence. Intelligent people research issues, discuss solutions, create a plan to fix the issues, and then execute.

I believe in mentoring wholeheartedly. I didn’t actually have a mentor as a young man, but as I got older started leaning on men that I looked up to to provide guidance. People can criticize behavior that they see and even blame it on the absence of a father. However, if the assumption is that there is the absence of a father, is the goal then to fill the empty space? There seem to be a great bit of resources being poured into buying stuff to hopefully purchase the child’s trust, with the ultimate goal being the child appreciating the effort, and then they magically bloom.

Buying stuff does not fix the problem. Children learn how to put on a smile in order to get what they want, but often show who they really are when faced with discipline. Kids need a listening ear, someone to provide guidance in every facet of life.

Once the symposium is over, microphones disconnected, the punch and finger foods consumed, the called, the chosen go mentor.

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