a high that is au naturel
quitting when they wanna
if they wanna

some houses are wine free
never forced into rehab
unlike amy
who possessed a zing,
credited to a high unnatural

happiness and high mix
toxic tonics to rock the depressed
into stupors while loved ones face their demons head on

the z in zing really stands for sleep.

all naturale Zing!



speaking of what once was now gone
gone calculated by that most appealing at the time
moods swing
moods often prefer to sing
eyes shut tight enough to see stars on black canvases
and long enough to recharge



I post jump commentary post jump,
and blank stare post post jump commentaries
that appear malicious.
I neither hold nor care to hold time for
onlookers caught staring at the written unfold.

as instructed I wrote and write visions.
the same words light paths
paths not traveled often make for light paths.
I scream; jump, and then prep for the aftermath.
an equation where the variable x marked the spot.



heightened senses
heighten my sense of blended patterns, colors, fragrances
worth making mention of
styled so well that the anxiety of being too perfect shows up
shows penniless loafers
flat enough to feel the earth under his feet
as natural as an Egyptian cotton shirt
buttoned down to cotton briefs
carrying such the respect for the color wheel
that the hosiery never matches
a fashion anarchist
possessing the desire to simply dress



i take hikes that give me the credibility of a globetrotter.
i hover over waters in a movement reminiscent of activity in Genesis.
my exploration is not of the unknown,
but a search for the lost treasure.
the treasure is the knowledge of culture lost,
through the absence of the appreciative.

dried wells sing songs of water past,
past but only seasonal.
for every year at least for one month
we care to take breaks from long hikes
to simply consider the water past.



“perplexed” is aparT of my past matricuLation thus the suffix “ed.”

apart of me onCe chasing waterfalls thus the capitalized letters T-L-C.

well versed in the complicated

strong desire to be sedated……


how crazy is it to possess such strong desires to save the world,
of which you are apart,

while simultaneously lack the passion to guard one’s own heart?
perplexed must be that “Easy Lover” that will take your heart out
without you feeling.
the villain.
this time the hero is wearing crimson red,
smears the crime scene with one type of DNA
from a body 2000 years plus dead.

“perplexed” is apart of my past matriculation thus the suffix “ed.”




Twinkle twinkle
Oh, twinkle twinkle little me
I have a present too
If you give unshelfishly
And make a wish come true
I’ll always shine on you

I love Christmas music! I have about five that I could put in my regular rotation. This song is one of those five. The title is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me.” Once these songs were recorded they are often recorded again because they are so amazing. This is just one of hundreds of awesome songs that Stevie Wonder has written and recorded. Let us not wait until Stevie leaves the earth to appreciate the beauty of the gift. This type of beautiful music is written not out of a desire to be paid, but to create/change even set ambiance. Miles Davis, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Prince left this world knowing that people liked to dance to their music, but I wonder if they knew their impact on generations.