color wheels are pivotal.
ties tie poles north and south,
which adds to the authenticity of the individual.

the mad scientist are few enough to set fashion rules,
but never live by them.
But get a kick out of the suckers that are replicas,
who only standout in their small circles.

coloring inside the line,
but abruptly veer off path most of the time.
“you can’t win!” until you actually recognize that
the Wiz is only human.
colors are essential.


Stylish 2

Cool enough to wear cardigans,

draped over the shoulders with paisley pants,

not even wearing socks,

shoes the hue of sand.

White button down shirt,


promises are made to be broken.
just the type of asinine statement,
only uttered by someone said to be the promise,
but never BEEN the promise and the broken.
knight in shining army turned tin man-oil-less.

instead promises are made to give hope,
for even the wicked intends to illuminate on occasion
and hope maketh not ashamed.


call from the deep

Your phone is ringing…….

ringing at ear piercing frequencies for those with an ear to hear 

talk from the roots.

See our admiration has been slightly misplaced, focusing on the heights and colors of trees…….until “The Call”-Clarion call. 

Clearer than the rings exposed 

to prove we should attend, 

only exposure means death-taken for granted. 

The call came from beneath the surface, behind the scenes, never needing to wag its own tail, yet became flesh to hang from itself.

Take this call to be reminded of the significance of roots.

Take this call to unearth the source of the tree’s reception.

Take this call without excuses.

Here, take this call from the deep.

friends (day 2 quote challenge)

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are we all always putting our best foot forward?

With friends my best foot happens to be the foot most conveniently placed, and they never notice the difference.

Never present false dichotomies, but simply discuss things which makes for cozy ambiance set by fireside.

We put pins in convo to take up on latter dates. Two bars, timeout before play resumes. Pals like my buddy, going back like Tecmo Bowl.

Doesn’t sound so stupid does it?
Quote Challenge 

3Days, 3 of your favorite quotes:

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I nominate:

Po Girl Shines
Simple Dimple

use to love

Day 1,Quote 1

We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving. -Friedrich Nietzsche

this thing called love is something to get use to and use too

sweat less victories

and undefeated

hands free loud enough to communicate on speaker phone, safe to talk while driving through life

Clear objective: something to get use to and use too


I gladly and most graciously accept the 3 day quote challenge. Thank you for the consideration

I nominate:

Flowing Like Milk and Honey
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