letter to my friends

Hello Friends,

I just wanted you to know that I consider way too many of you as friends to adequately call you daily, or even think of you daily. Please know that whatever binds us together, whether it was surviving the neighborhood, education, summer camp, athletic contests, work, and/or faith. I never simply went through the motion concerning you. I was always prepared to lend an ear, catch and bottle tears,
only to deliver them to the one which connected us.
I believe our meetings to have been divine.
I trust God that I will tune into Him, and keep you covered in prayer.
Love is not simply in my heart, but my desire for wealth is so that my old neighborhood can receive the face lift that it deserves.
The bags under her eyes show a weariness from worrying over the future.
I assure you that the future is bright where ever you are.
I am praying for you, and I love you.

Peace and Blessings,

Kwesi aka Rome aka Quasar aka Crazy Kwazy aka House Quake aka Poo Poo



i often wonder if i will recognize a person’s cry for help…
when they cry silently,
when the tears have been withdrawn from ducts
and deposited into pillows.
all the while hoping that i am not the last to hear your voice
having not heard you cry for help.


days of sacred relationships have shortened,
and passed the buck to the ungrateful generation
that majors in the abbreviated….smh.
leaving this bifocal wearing bunch like bobble heads,
only smiling and waving to avoid confrontation.

At the other end is a guy with a flip phone,
not sure of why his phone is not working, having missed the update
angered by the desecration of relationships,
and the number of the ungrateful that are rotfl.

lot of head shaking,
not a lot of hand shaking.