South Rome Chronicles- The Griers

There are two phone numbers that I remember from my childhood; my grandmother’s and The Nixon Ave Griers. This family helped raise my brother and me. During our times together we cleaned an office and ate more Bojangles chicken than we could handle. The highlight of my afternoons was calling the house and talking to whoever picked up the phone. If Tickey Toe picked up, we’d talk; if Oh picked up, we’d talk, and Kerry never picked up because he was at Bojangles. I talked to Mama Grier too, how funny that must have been to have a 12/13 year old asking about her day. It wasn’t always what they said, but more the fact that they let us into their lives enough to take our calls. No one from that house ever told us that we couldn’t drop by whenever. There crazy dog Kojak did make dropping by sorta scary. I never took this relationship for granted; I have always appreciated the role this family played in my upbringing.
I remember when Pop Grier was called to branch out and start a church, definitely felt like the family was breaking up, despite where we lived. Fortunately I became a charter member of The Life of Jesus in Action. These are my peeps that taught me that mentoring is not always planned, but often an open door. Salute to the Griers.


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