South Rome Chronicles- Virginia Circle

Imagine living on the rough side with a privacy fence being the only thing to separate you from a fantasy world painted white. Here I am an adult thinking about how so deeply submerged in predispositions that I was. I actually believed that living in Virginia Circle was like living in a different world. I remember walking down Myrtle Street headed towards Wilson Avenue and looking to the right to take a peek at the homes on that side of the fence. To the eyes things didn’t seem too different, but I guess I imagined that the privacy fence somehow made them exempt from the challenges of South Rome.
I never once processed how terrifying it was for them to hear gunshots and never get used to them, whereas I stopped flinching. When I first started living in South Rome I would flinch, even go home at the sound of gunshots. I was terrified. Somewhere along the way naivety had me believing that the shooters were not always out to hurt anyone, and that they could accurately direct their bullets when necessary.
So here I sit years later wondering whether the people in Virginia Circle were prisoners in their own small neighborhood. Virginia Circle is considered urban which destroys the usage of the word urban to exclusively refer to things that are hood or ghetto.
I have never walked through Virginia Circle because I thought the cops were always close enough to ensure the safety of the occupants. I remember people suggesting that we walk through just to see it, and I would decline for the fear that we would be arrested. I do not know how loving Virginia Circle homeowners were or are; however, I do know how loving the people on the other side of the privacy fence were. Is it even called Virginia Circle? I just remember it was a place not prepared for me.

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