drunken love

I want it to be said that Kwesi Jackson the first was always an open book…..at least from this point forward. Back at West Rome High I had the knack for having interest in girls that were not on my level. My freshman year I was totally infatuated with a cheerleader that happened to be a senior. I figured nerds were going to be a hot commodity and knew my time would come to have my pick. That philosophy proved to be true because I married an outstanding individual; my wife is my Neo (matrix reference) aka “tha one.”

During One Act Play season I always found myself crushing on some girl. During Little Shop of Horror I again found myself aiming at a girl that was out of reach, but my role as the drunk in the opening scene no doubt put me in the running- a little fling of sorts. Once we got to the play Into the Woods, I thought I had improved my game a little bit, landed a pretty descent role, and I was a little older than this girl. Come to find out my game was wack and my nerves were shot. One day I planned to step to her and ask her out, I’d known her most of my life, perpetual friend zone status. So I drove nearly 15 miles one way to go home, reach into the top of my closet, and take out two 12 ounce cans of Colt 45, looking to buzz before I talked to her. I risk everything just to say something to her without chickening out. I slammed them back to back. I sat for a moment to see if the buzz ever came…………it never did. I think my nerves were so shot that I threw my chemical balance off.

We never went out; I never told her what I felt. It’s a good thing because my drunk game was strong! LOL! The moral of the story is; if you have to become someone else to talk to someone, you’ll have to completely become that person to keep them. After hitting and missing on relationships, I became 100% me, and soon after found the love of my life. The wait is worth it.

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