The Power of a Smile 

     Check the photo and see if you can identify the face of the Enforcer. I have this picture on my desk at school, and it makes for great conversation. The kids want to know why I wasn’t smiling. I tell the kids that I frown so that my family can smile. Once upon a time it felt good saying that-reminded me of that inner gangsta. 

     We hosted something at the house, family event, and afterwards my wife asked our oldest, Lillian, to describe everyone’s smile. She is definitely a gifted actress, storyteller, singer, just about everything dealing with the arts. She was spot on with everyone including me. It was the way that she described me that changed my perspective about the importance of a smile. Her impression of me was no smile at all. 

     On another occasion she was talking to my mom, and told her “you and dad are similar, you don’t smile often……you’re both fun people, just don’t smile much. Afterwards I took what I heard to mean that I should smile more often for my girl. 

     So if you see me out with the family and my smile appears to be glued to my face and painful- just know that ol Jackson understands the power of a smile and doing it for his girl.

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