South Rome Chronicles- The Barn

I hid the drunk me from friends that lived across the proverbial track. I didn’t think they would understand the struggle, and sharing it would be opening my life to them a little bit too far. I was also unable to communicate the type of anxiety that I was experiencing. I remember drinking 80 ounces of St. Ides on our way to the Barn in Rockmart, Georgia. I had done it the weekend before and seemingly handled it with no problem. I downed both 40 ounces before we left Super 8 on highway 411 headed to the Barn. I put both hands on the dash trying to make the car stop spinning, but no such luck. To this day I remember hearing us pull in, park, and everybody get out except me. I asked everybody to let me rest for a minute, and that I would get out in a few. Someone came back out to check on me and actually put $20 in my hand to pay for the club. I never saw that $20 again. I’m not sure if someone took it out of my hand, or if I dropped it in the car. I ultimately spent about the last 10 minutes in the club due to extreme inebriation.
On a different occasion I drove to the Barn with my stepbrother Charles, Larry Larr (Rest in Peace) and Marcus. I went to battle! YEEK! So we get there, and there is the crew of guys dancing from Cartersville I think. They were all wearing matching Miami t-shirts, and bobs dripping with curl juice. I think I blacked out! It looked like everybody from South Rome was crammed into the Barn that night. Lil Jonathan had his arms crossed when one of the guys said,”Let’s go!” He replied, “I don’t dance; I throw these!”(showing his fist) It was a proud moment for me, the team held me down, and I didn’t even have to drink to do it.
South Rome represented family. If you moved there people would just take you in as if you were always there. It was to the point that when we moved, I still spent most of my time there. It was the safety. Every trip to Rome starts with a trip through there, looking for the homies!

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