Robert Godwin Sr.

There are times in life where even a writer has moments of blockage which make the labor of Coumadin more challenging. We press past that traffic jam to pay homage to our elders. Robert Godwin Sr. was my elder and now one that I will never meet nor receive wisdom from. Our generation was robbed of his wisdom. Unfortunately some of our antiquated theology will call this a crime, declare Mr. Godwin as having had his life stolen, yet as emphatically as we called it criminal say that God does not make mistakes. I submit unto you that while I agree that God does not make mistakes, he granted us freewill. With that freewill Steve Stephens dishonored humanity. His purpose was to steal, kill, and to destroy. He was successful at stealing, killing, and destroying a physical body that endured the lag of equality as a young boy. Mr. Godwin, no doubt felt accomplished in knowing that he fulfilled his role as provider and protector of his family. At the point that society should have been providing and protecting his interest as an elder, the lack of respect for humanity raises its ugly head yet again.

When my grandmother was showing signs of memory loss due to the monster of Dementia, she would often repeat herself, and even apologize for forgetting. Regardless of how many times she would leave the room, come back, and greet me like she had just seen me, I would replay it all like it was new to me as well. It never got old because I knew the day would come when it would all be a memory. God doesn’t make mistakes, and honored my grandmother’s desire to meet him on Joy Lane.

Papa Godwin didn’t seem to know Joy Lane; his memory of time before time was tattered by the trying times on this side of eternity. Though I told myself that I would not watch the video, I did so that I could continue my plight to change the world without wavering. Papa Godwin, though I never got a chance to glean from your years of experience and wisdom, I will miss you.

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