music to my ears

I was in church wading through amplified voices in an attempt to list songs to sing.
I then noticed that there were notes to the words that I thought but now speaking.
I then wondered if I had tapped into the very vein and nature of miscommunication.
We don’t actually miss,
but we fail to identify and appreciate the wavelength and key that others communicate in.

I am predictable and my key would be the key of D, due to having more white acquaintances and being 2 sharp.
So predictable that my friends are too.
Our discography is filled with the type of eclectic that will not pack stadiums,
but create the dialogue to start movements.
We are identify with a bass clef,
because even in the lows
we have bottom left.
After fighting, when we are speaking, we are still making music.
In the stillness it is to be enjoyed.

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