South Rome Chronicles- The Backyard Poets

I look back at the time that I lived in Rome, Georgia and recognize why my life was so empty at times. What I now know is that I am a very musical individual that spent my life pursuing music. I sat with my dad one day and listened as he told me of relatives that were natural talents on strings, vocals, and just about all other instruments. I had no idea that music was trapped in me and would later be the key ingredient to aiding me out of mental prison.

I was forced to play football, totally sucked at it when I was at Midway Elementary; but I made some great friends, got to know my shortcomings. I was not cut out for it. Watching it is a joy, but playing it is for the true Titans in our society. My stepfather was making me into a mini-him, when I was inherently a little Thomas Jackson.

Wendall Burge aka Boo and I use to sit in Science class making beats and singing Keith Sweat. The ladies seemed to like it. We even rocked The Deele’s “Two occasions.” I still had no clue that music was where it was for me. The dancing was more of a bi-product-the rhythms were so infectious. The TR-808 drum machine changed the game.

In Rome the Backyard Poets was the group to me. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know of anyone else as viable and visible as them. To this day I only knew of Bone and Tony, Vernon rapped, and Goodgame was the dancer. Fin was a one stop shop for a party. He’d start and carry a party all by himself. When I could finally get into Twin Oaks, Bone would be on the Ones and twos. Tony had gone away to school at this point. I just remember hoping that I could get an invite to be apart of the Poets. I didn’t know what they aspired to do with the group, but I knew it was what was moving things in our city.

Here we are at least 30 years or so removed and these guys have etched a place in my hall of fame. These guys were humble and hungry but probably lacked the type of backing that young talents deserve. I watch the way Bone currently supports Rome players and programs, writes thought provoking commentary on politics, religion, and anything else to tick people off-get them thinking, depending on how you take it. I salute what they did for me. I salute the example of support that these guys promote right now. Peace and blessing to the hottest team to ever pave the way for artist coming out of Rome, Georgia.

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