use to love

i use to love things that could not love me back
to life,
back to reality
that enemy
to my right brain
that wars with the logic that is the left
which thrives on making sense,
touch it
see it
hear it
smell it
taste it
the stunting of the creativity of my excuses
until the favor was returned to me
by a mate, meet for my soul
and despite the tingle of the tongue
from contact with licorice
a strong like will suffice as
description for our relationship
the inanimate
never a complaint of me being,
being too much of anything
its birth and expiration unknown to it
of which
i acknowledge and respect it-
the time
but love it?
if only there were time to
before i can……..
it is gone
i use to love things
soccer and
root beer
and and
until they unknowingly broke my heart.

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