pleading w/ the powers that be

darkened days grow darker still
even in areas well lit
been throwing fits
08 when glimpses of
aided degradation
stole the show from
a life void of Pre-K

but studies showed
and people probed
and found things
that made theory law
then expired
with grants
that granted
access into our lives

and as worlds turn
topsy turvy
my appeal
stays as real
as de facto laws
unseen but
still untouchable

the talent being stunted
the locked mind
may house cures
to disease
linked to labs
and Petri dishes
my wish is
for empathy
and a delay on
judging paths
when viewed from
how sweet
the sound
amazing grace
and we all need mercy
heaven help
the dilapidated
building not made
with hands
but in caught
caught betwixt
problem and solution
and labeled

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