i’m from a place

I’m from a place 

an actual place

where the fragrance of pine trees

is more than a sample 

where palates have been prepped 

for possum and pickled pig parts

plums are extra plump

on trees 

behind fences 

off limits

yet we shared

with owners oblivious

to our awareness 


more than floral arrangements 

but pockets harnessing

a nip of sweet dew

natures tear drop

weeping over

weeping willow’s 

taste of blood

from a time when war was civil 

a lone chimney


a sole symbol


a soul symbol 

a lone light 

constructed to house firesides

and the fire inside

I’m from a place

a place where nature keeps secrets 

from us

and for us

and we protect it

for its secrets

hoping for reveals

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