the first
first of many years
where didactic methods are called in
in to question the madness
the indescribable method just is
is just what is necessary
necessary for survival
survived all
all roller coasters
of emotions
and fickle fecal matters
offering honey in exchange
for vinegar
and the number slipped
the number of clone worthy
little people with hearts
and smarts
products of headstart
spark the loquacious in us
that on average is taciturn

we wait our turn to
excrete numbers 1 and/or 2
depending on the nerves of it all

on ones and twos
we play tunes
from genres
that help us Bobby Brown
because “We have to get away.”
making instructions more simple
simple than A,B,C
name and list
just jot
and plots
thicken at the end
survival is based on
living to tell the tails

God bless the spouses
that house
the teachers
who’s careers are an oxymoron
and in another society
would be more appreciated

but we did survive.


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