365 Days of Motivation

The blogging community is wonderful for accountability and encouragement. Through the responses and feedback, I self-published my first book of poetry. During the blogging I also noticed how fulfilling it was to motivate and build up individuals. I became obsessed with witnessing the growth of my fellow brothers and sisters.

This year has to be last year on overdrive. So what I am putting into the atmosphere is a few things that must happen this year. The two that I will share or these:

1. 365 Days of posting motivational messages

2. Launch my motivational speaking business

Seeing them in writing helps me understand how easy they both are. This is my invitation for you to follow me on this journey.

Please follow me on:

Snapchat- kway_see

Instagram- kway_zee

Facebook- Kwesi writes

Twitter- kwaysee

Wherever you have deemed the top to be….Get there! Or at least start walking in that direction. If you are not walking in that direction, at least be pausing before moving in that direction again. Whatever you do, do not quit!

See you at your top!


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