In my feelings

The law that was substituted for grace has morphed into an uncontrollable place

A parallel universe who’s location cannot be traced and is located in the hypothetical

A reality that shifts with the imagination of each who exists primarily there until they can no longer feel the here and now

And own more real estate in the meta than in the cerebellum because of how it feels

Surrounded by people that refuse to ask why and how?

It’s dopamine.

It’s dope I mean.

A high that has us playing God with license to kill at will…..your choice.

Tummy tuck but can’t hear the tummy talk.

No voice.

Ten fingers and ten toes

No one is counting those

Only the limbs as a whole

Fight for me but not the fight for those…..with fewer rights than a pup or duck that attempts to simply cross the road?

Only to get to the other side

And realize that they crossed because it was their right.

Crossed to a distant shore

Having never fought in a man’s war

Ambushed with no concept of what it means to fight back.

The dad that they had but never had the chance to choose

for being lost in the world of the ambiguity of pronouns has us crazy.

Crazy enough for us to all get checks on the first.

With the question then becoming would one addition have made life worse?

Death on street corners and clinics

Emphasis on death

To the cynics,

adding counts to murder and not counts to life your count is off and so are the statistics

If life depended on politics, there are some votes that never got counted because they were aborted.

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